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The scope of the conference is wide enough to attract most of the researchers and practicing engineers of the country. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform in order to bring together researchers, scientists and engineers from academia, research institutions and industry to exchange information, experiences and expertise in their respective fields and hence to foster research relations between the universities and the industry. The emphasis will be given on addressing the current problems of energy, water and environment. The primary objective of this event is to identify the state of our current scientific knowledge in this field and to identify the further research needs and priorities in order to achieve substantial improvements in short and long time spans. 
The sustainable process development needs the long-term perspectives with the integration of local and regional stakeholders to bring a lasting change in the process and manufacturing development process with the use of the best available scientific and traditional knowledge.  This process must be constantly re-evaluated in light of the current happenings and findings from scientific research to ensure that the resource utilization has a reduced impact on our surroundings with the understanding that the future will remain uncertain and we must be ready for the forthcoming surprises.  The good sustainable energy use, development and environmental management must therefore be based on scientifically robust ideas with plenty of options to ensure the response flexibility. 
A variety of ideas is also important due to the fact that there is often a communication gap among the researchers, policy makers, and the public at large.  The interests of all the above are mostly articulated by the governmental and non-governmental agencies. Hence there is always a pressing need to organise an event which will improve the better communication among the researchers, decision makers, future generations and the general public.

This event will at large benefit us with:
(a) The widening of our research and scientific base providing us an opportunity to strengthen our scientific and research capacities and capabilities particularly in the areas of sustainable process development and its improvement.
(b) This platform is expected to provide us with a strong base to share the best scientific knowledge with the objective to enhance the national/international cooperation and to identify the relative uncertainties/bottlenecks in the various unsustainable processes.
(c) This platform is also expected to provide an interaction opportunity between the researchers/scientists and the decision-makers with the aim to change the existing unsustainable patterns of process, production and consumption
(d) This event will promote the generation and application of indigenous and local knowledge to achieve the sustained levels of process development by considering the interrelations at the regional, national and international levels.
(e) This event will also promote the participation of people in setting priorities and in decision-making relating to the sustainable process development


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