Department of Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the discipline which deals with developing and maintaining software applications by appling technologies and practices from engineering, computer science, project management and other applicable fields. This branch of engineering is the thorough understanding of the entire from Planning to Design, Development, Testing and Deployment.

The primary mission of this program is to teach and equip students with knowledge of the concepts, techniques, skills and tools for developing modern medium and large-scale software systems. Students with BSc. degree in Computer Software Engineeing will be prepared for professional careers in the spftware omdistru which is an exponentially growing economic sector vital for the technological advancement and the competitiveness of the state and the nation.

Academic Programs
- B.Sc Computer Software Engineering
- M.Sc Computer Software Engineering
- Ph.D Computer Software Engineering
Department of Computer Software Engineering is offering B.Sc degree since 2002 while it's M.Sc. and PhD programs started in years 2011 and 2012, respectively. Software engineering encompasses a wide range of topics including software requirements, specification, analysis, design, implementation, verification, deployment, reuse, project management and evolution of software products. An orthogonal perspective of the discipline includes engineering Software Systems for performance, reliability, security, scalability, maintainability, etc. It also encompasses the economic and organizational aspects.

Career Opportunities
Graduates can expect career opportuities in software design and development in a variety of application areas. Software engineering graduates are particularly well-suited to work as members or leaders of software project teams. They have the knowledge and skills to help them develop quality software within schedule andcost constraints. About 295,000 new computer software engineers are expected to be added to the workforce through 2018, a huge increase for a job already in demand.

We have several fulltime Ph.D. faculty members actively pursuing research in areas like Human Computer Interaction, Software Testing, Computer Vision, Computer Networks, Semantic Web as well as parallel Computing and Grids.

Computing Facilities
There are five state of the art computer laboratories in the Department. These Labs are equipped with every instrument and software required in the software engineering courses. As power shorage is a big problem in Pakistan, Laboratories are backed up with a powerful generator. In addition, department also has an I/O interfacing lab to equip students with processors/embedded systems programming.