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3-D Scanning and Reverse Engineering
Product Design & Development
Rapid Prototyping Machine

Rapid Prototyping Machine

This is a state-of-the-art machine capable of producing a prototype of any component by using the 3-D CAD data generated in Pro/E.

The machine builds the parts by depositing PC/ ABS material layer by layer, so any complex geometrical shape can be built. This provides a highly cost-effective means of producing numerous design iterations, and immediate feedback from the initial stage of the product development to its final form. The ability to quickly define the shape, fit and function of the part built by the machine can significantly reduce product-development cost and time. The parts produced can also be used for functional testing in the lab. This facility can be helpful in numerous areas including automotive industry, consumer product industry, investment casting, jigs, fixtures and tools manufacturing industries, defense related industry, and in the field of bio-engineering.


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