Department of Mining Engineering Peshawar Campus

Mining is one of the most progressive industries today based on its reliance on the state-of-the-art technology for the provision of basic raw materials to other industries. Mineral sector is playing a crucial role in the economic uplift of the Province. It provides raw materials for a number of mineral based industries including construction, power, mechanical, electrical, ceramics, paints, etc.

The graduates of this department are employed in the public sector including Mines and Minerals Development Department, Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC), Oil and Gas Development Corporation Ltd (OGDCL), Pakistan Stone Development Company (PASDEC), Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) and various other private organizations like cement manufacturing operations and other mining related project.

Faculty & Staff of Mining Engineering Peshawar Campus

Academic Programs
- B.Sc. Mining Engineering
- M.Sc. Mining Engineering
- Ph.D. Mining Engineering
The Department is equipped with following laboratories:
- Mineral Processing Laboratory
- Surveying Laboratory
- Rock Mechanics Laboratory
- Geology Laboratory
- Ventilation, and Safety Laboratory
- Computer Laboratory

Faculty research is actively pursued in the Department. Faculty members have been working on a number of research projects of national importance. Solution of mineral industry's real problems is the primary focus of current research. These projects include the development of improved mine planning and design as well as processing techniques.

Improvement of working conditions and occupational health and safety in mines is another important area of research. Students both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels actively participate in these research projects under faculty supervision.