Department of Mechatronics Engineering Peshawar Campus

Modern day machines increasingly incorporate electronics and microprocessors for intelligent control and increased efficiency such as electronic control of engines, computer control of machine tools, Robots, medical equipment and items of our daily life including automobiles, digital cameras, smart phones, tablets, DVD players and kitchen appliances. Design, production and operation of these machines require engineers with a knowledge base acquired form multi-engineering disciplines. Mechatronics Engineering is a relatively new but very exciting field that combines knowledge from the disciplines of Mechanical, Electronic and Computer Engineering.

The Institute has a very good number of PhD faculty members who have specialized knowledge in the field of Mechatronics Engineering thus enabling it to offer MS and PhD degree programs of its own. The Undergraduate program of the Institute of Mechatronics Engineering not only draws upon the expertise of its PhD faculty members but also has at its disposal, highly talented members who hold Master degrees in engineering from reputed universities across the country and abroad.

The Undergraduate degree program in Mechatronics Engineering is constantly reviewed and upgraded through the help and guidance of eminent academicians and experts from Pakistan and abroad, making it a cutting edge program that best meets the requirements of our industry.

The Institute of Mechatronics Engineering has been setup by the University as a state of the art facility with all amenities required for a modern higher education institute in engineering. The campus is situated in Hayatabad Peshawar, and is spread over an area of 45 kanals. A regular shuttle bus service is provided to connect it with the main campus.

The Institute of Mechatronics has a host of laboratory facilities to help hone the practical and hands-on skills of its students. Recently through funding from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, a state of the art PLC Training Laboratory has been setup that features twelve Siemens S7-1200 PLC training modules. Besides the laboratories mentioned below, students of this institute also avail the lab facilities of other departments of the university.

Faculty & Staff of Mechatronics Engineering
Academic Programs
- B.Sc. Mechatronics Engineering
- M.Sc. Mechatronics Engineering
- Ph.D. Mechatronics Engineering
Several new laboratories have been set up in the Mechanical department to support the study of Mechatronics. These include:
- Mechatronics Design laboratory
- Electrical & Electronics Laboratory
- Microcontroller and Microprocessor Laboratory
- Fabrication Shop
- Robotics Laboratory
- Instrumentation & Control Laboratory
- Computational Laboratory
- Instrumentation & Control Laboratory
- PLC Training Laboratory