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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Saeed Javed Tajik - MPhil(UK)

Prof. Dr. M. Abdul Aziz Irfan - Ph.D(USA)
Prof. Dr. M. Abdul Baseer - Ph.D(UK)
Prof. Muhammad Pervez - MSc
Prof. Dr. Irfan Ullah - Ph.D(USA)

Associate Professors
Engr. Iftikhar Ahmad - MSc
Engr. Abdul Hadi - MSc
Engr. M. Masood Ahmad - MSc
Dr. Rizwan Gul - PhD
Engr. Naeem Khattak - MSc

Assistant Professors
Dr. Hamid Ullah
Dr. Sahar Noor
Engr. Muhammad Ali Arif - MSc(UK)
Dr. Sayed Riaz Akbar Shah - PhD(USA)
Engr. Dr.Sahar Noor - PhD
Engr. Akmal - MSc
Engr. M. Tahir Khan - MSc
Engr. S. Shaukat Ali Shah - Msc (On study leave)
Engr. Hameed Ullah - MSc (On study leave)
Engr. Khizar Azam - MSc(USA)
Engr. Haji Syed Fareed Ullah - (on study leave)
Engr. Abdul Shakoor - MSc.
Hafeez Ur Rehman- MSc

Engr. Afzal Khan - BSc. (On study leave)
Engr. Usman Ghani - BSc.
Engr. Umar Ibrahim - MSc.
Engr. M.Usman Khan - BSc.
Engr. Izhar Ul Haq (On Study Leave)
Engr. Qaisar Gul - MSc.
Engr. M. Sadiq.
Engr. Kheyyam
Engr. Bilal Ahmad(Study Leave)
Engr. Arshad Mahmood - BSc
Engr. Irfan Ullah – BSc Mechanical
Engr. Qari Muhammad Khalid Waheed - B.Sc.
Engr. Feroz Shah – BSc Mechanical
Engr. Kareem Akhtar


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