Department of Electrical Engineering Jalozai Campus

Electrical Engineering Programme at Jalozai Campus is designed to prepare the students for career in industry and business by providing them with through foundation of the fundamental concepts at undergraduate level while students learn specialized tools about the contemporary electrical engineering during their postgraduate studies. The faculty is dedicated to continue innovation through its programme of academic interaction with the industry and research activities.

Faculty & Staff of Electrical Engineering Jalozai Campus
Academic Programs
- B.Sc. Electrical Engineering (Communication)

Field Visits
Visits to various industries and research organizations are a part of education and training of graduate engineers. These visits are arranged for students to provide them with a window of opportunity through which they get a chance to see actual engineering at work.

The Department has well-equipped laboratories in the following areas
- High Voltage Laboratory
- Electronics Laboratory
- Power Systems Laboratory
- Machines Laboratory
- Material Testing Laboratory
- Control Systems Laboratory
- Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory
- Microprocessor & Digital Electronics Laboratory
- Communications & EMW Laboratory
- Computer Laboratory

PEC Accreditation Status
PEC visitation team visited Department of Electrical Engineering, Main Campus as part of Re-Accreditation visit, scheduled on July 26, 2016 for Re-Accreditation of Electrical Engineering degree program.

All batches including Intake Batch 2013 are accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council.