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Department of Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering (IE) is a field that integrates the technical, human, and management aspects of today's sophisticated products and processes. It is at the heart of the systems that are essential to our society. From airlines to online retailers, from hospitals to manufacturers, from telecommunication companies to world-wide shipping companies, industrial engineers design solutions to improve the performance of complex systems of people, technology, and information. In fact, the need for any complex organization to raise its efficiency and productivity through scientific analysis has created a high demand for Industrial Engineers and made it one of the fastest growing career fields.

The Industrial Engineer is involved in designing or improving major systems that encompass the total organisation, whether in the governmental or private sectors, or in the manufacturing or service industries. Consequently, an Industrial Engineer is often in contact with individuals from many segments of the ooganization. With their education and experience, Industrial Engineers develop a global view of many inter-related operations necessary to deliver a firm's goods and services. Because of their management skills and global view of the organization, a large proportion of Industrial Engineers move into management positions, later advancing to top management positions, or to own and operate their own businesses.

Academic Programs
The department offers the following degree programs:

B.Sc Industrial Engineering
M.Sc Industrial Engineering


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