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Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics is defined as "the synergetic combination of precision mechanical engineering, electronics control and systems thinking in the design of products and processes". It is an emerging multi-disciplinary field of engineering, combining parts of mechanical engineering, electronics, and computer engineering. The applications of Mechatronics include two major areas: computer-controlled production machinery, such as CNC machines, automated material handling systems, AGV's, robots, PLCs, etc. and "smart products" that incorporate microprocessors, such as modem cameras, photocopying machines, washing machines, mobile phones, camcorders, various automobile systems, etc. All of these machines have mechanical parts but depend on electronics and computers for their working. Students admitted to this specialization study all the basic courses of mechanical engineering but specialized courses in Mechatronics. The first four semesters of Mechatronics are common with Mechanical Engineering. Later, courses in Electronics, Microcontrollers, and Robotics are studied.

Academic Program
The Department is currently offering the following programs.

B.Sc. Mechanatronics Engineering


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