Bannu Campus

Bannu Campus became operational in May 2002, in the premises of Comprehensive High School at on D.I.Khan Road. The Campus is spread over an area of 120 kanals. This campus was established to increase access to professional education in two disciplines of engineering for the people of southern K.P.K. It equips students with knowledge and skills that will enable them to thrive in the fast evolving technologies and to provide relevant training opportunities to those who choose to adopt a career in the field of electrical and civil engineering, both Departments are Accredited with PEC since 2010 and 2009 respectively. In the last three years great strides have been made towards uplift of academic standards and provision of facilities.

Civil engineering plans, designs and supervises construction of most of the facilities and systems that are essential to modern life in both the public and private sectors. Civil engineering profession is one of the oldest and most diverse of the engineering disciplines. Civil engineering today are devising methods and designing facilities to cope with many of our planet's most serious problems. Faced with polluted air, decaying cities, roadways and bridges, crowded airports and highways, polluted streams, rivers and lakes, the civil engineering is being challenged to design solutions that are workable and cost-effective.
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) and Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) Bannu Campus
Syllabus of Civil Engineering Bannu Campus

Department of Electrical Engineering (Accredited with PEC since 2010)
Department of Civil Engineering (Accredited with PEC since 2009)
Academic Programs
The following degree programs are offer in the Bannu Campus:
B.Sc. Civil Engineering
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering
The Campus has laboratories in the following areas, enabling students to get a strong grasp of the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom.
Concrete Laboratory
Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Geo-Technical Engineering Laboratory
Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Materials Testing and Structural Laboratory
Survey Laboratory
Transportation and highway Laboratory
Drawing Hall

Computer Laboratories with facilities of LAN
Basic Electrical Engineering
Electrical Mechanics
Digital Electronics
Opto Electronics

Survey Camp
Each year practical training in the field of surveying and leveling is arranged for the students of 7th Semester for a period of three weeks which is mandatory for the award of degree. The students are trained in techniques like leveling, plane tabling, and triangulation, contouring, road and irrigation channel surveys.

Field Visits & Training
Regular field trips are arranged for the students. These visits are not restricted to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but ranges through the whole country. Such field trips are found very helpful in broadening the vision of the students in the field of engineering. At the return from the field trips students are supposed to submit a repot to the department.
Students are also required to complete 800 hours of practical training as part of the B.Sc. Engineering degree. The practical training in the form of internship is arranged during summer vacations in any of the recognized company/organization, giving the students a chance to train in their respective fields of interest.

Three hostels for 296 male students
One hostel for 8 female students